Hello there internet!  This is the beginning of a blog dedicated to a few of my passions and helping my clients get the most out of their events.  I hope you will tag along with me in some of my adventures!  I intend to cover things like event coordination, set-up: How to get the most out of the room for your event, how to be the life of the party, etc.

Other things I intend to cover, just because I like it, are board games, RPGs, some books, and philosophy.

The picture I have included to head this post, I thought suited this intro, was from a play a friend of mine, Alex Mankin, wrote.  The title, “My name is Felstrom”– a story of a young man who falls in love in an internet chatroom, but encounters trouble from internet trolls and a parent that wants him to spend less time in cyber-space.  I was cast as Hammer, the main protagonist, who is a troll on the internet.  I was cast in both the worshiping of the script and in the debut of the play on stage.

I hope you make the most of the day! And I will continue my search for a suitable tag line….

Until next time!