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http://wowgoldportal.com/wow-mounts-the-friendship-moose-initiative/ Ray’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is safe, family friendly entertainment suitable for any type of event. The combination of comedy tailored to the audience and hypnosis creates an entertaining environment where everybody laughs and is surprised by an original show full of participation and positive energy. It has been described as a “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” type of show with audience members as the stars of the show.

https://holgerblume.de/1532-dte53070-popular-dating-apps-like-tinder.html The Hypnosis Show has an adult quality that appeals to students, who can otherwise be very difficult to impress– Yet, administrators and parents will be pleased with the content. His Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows are clean, respectful and fun for the whole family!

he said I have found that a minimum of 75 people and an hour show gives the best results.  Pricing varies by location and services you request.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and we can see how I can best serve you! Click below for pricing or other inquiry!

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