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where can i buy zovirax Ray Magic Adams, origionally from the Louisville, Kentucky area, started studying the art of magic at the very young age of four. He saw a magician at a local church by the name of Marvin Cull. Within a week after the show, that little boy became sick and was quickly sent to bed.

you can try these out His mother believed that part of the healing process was to distract the young boy to overcome the symptoms of his illness–probably suffering from chicken pox. Inspired by Ray’s fascination with magic, his mother purchased his first magic trick gadget… the magic trick made by magic eye was to cut and restored a piece of rope to its original length. The toy Ray fell in love with started him on the path of a lifelong fascination with illusion and magic.

learn the facts here now It seems that children of all ages thoroughly enjoy and become interested in magic at some time during their childhood, but they soon find that they lack the dedication it requires to master basic techniques of creating an illusion. Sometimes it takes many years to master the skills needed to produce the desired result.  The thing that kept Ray going was the on-going desire to understand, not just how, but why the tricks worked.  At this young age, Ray was not easily deturred by a lack of money to buy certian props and gimmicks– he would just make them (often from scraps laying around the house, more often than not grabbing supplys straight from the rubbish bin).

After years of study and practice, Ray Magic Adams became a professional magician and a member of the Louisville Magic Club at the age of 14. He would walk on stage with a cane and a hat and pull cards out of mid-air, amazing onlookers who were surprised by the skill of such as a young man. Ray went on to perform with mastery very difficult manipulation with cards and billiard balls, making the balls appear and dance between his fingers. In 2005, Ray became of member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Along with his successes on stage, he went on to create performances that earned internationally recognition being awarded first and second place Close-up Magic (2009) & 2010) at the Winter Carnival of Magic at Pigeon Forge, second place at Internationally Close-Up Magic Contest (2009) held in Nashville, Tennessee, and first place in Stage Magic (2005) and the coveted People’s Choice Award (2004 & 2005) from the Louisville Magic Club.

During Ray’s college days, he studied the art of theatre and comedy, learning more effective tools to interact with his audience. Ray also learned the practical eliments of the “scene shop” where sets, backdrops, and props were fabricated and constructed. With the new theatrical elements he had developed, Ray stopped performing straight magic and added the allure of comedy and a bit of theatre to his magical performances.

In 2012, Ray earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Kentucky Department of Theatre (UK) in 2012, where he sought out other forms of comedic express through song and entertainment. This form of performance was not new to him, being he was cast in the lead role of the “Monkey King” in the UK’s Theatre presentation of the “The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven” (2011). Other roles he was cast in: “Shamrayff” in UK Theatre’s “The Seagull” (2011), “Mortimer” in Actors Guild of Lexington production of “The Fantaskicks” (2008 – 2009), and “Boatswain” in UK Theatre’s “My Name is Felstrom” (2010) and “The Tempest” (2007).

In earlier years, Ray counted himself to be a very lucky man to be invited to a party where friends were celebrating the eighteenth birthday of a young lady he had not yet met. He wasn’t the main entertainment for the event, but remembers doing a few tricks to impress the very pretty guest of honor, Danielle. In the summer of 2012, he had the great honor of marrying his sweetheart and magically adding his name is her own.

In October of 2017 Ray took the leap to move to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in persuit of a carreer in the performance industry.  In a few short months Ray scored a spot as a stunt diver in the Fee/Hedrick production of the ‘Hatfield McCoy Dinner Feude’. A year later he was transferred over to ‘Magic Beyond Belief’, with Darren Romeo, as their show host and “Chief Illusion/Pyro Technician”.

Over the years, Ray has been the collector of skills and techniques– not just of magic, but also of wood working, leather working, foam sculpting, theatrical lighting design, puppetry and puppet building, playing exotic insturnments, costuming (the list goes on… extensively!). These skill collectors have recently been labled as ‘Makers’, a title that Ray proudly embraces with a saying that many like him have heard, however not many know the whole quote:

“A Jack of [many] trades, a master of none– but often better than a master of one.”

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